5 Benefits of Using An Acupressure Mat

5 benefits of using an acupressure mat, and how acupressure works to release pain and stress, improve sleep, relieve headaches and calm the mind.

You’ve probably heard me raving about my acupressure mat in my Instagram stories a few times over the past 2 years, since I first tried this amazing acupressure mat. I use it almost daily to help with everything from muscle tension to headaches, insomnia, and calming the mind.

I wanted to share more in depth, some of the many potential health benefits that you can experience from using an acupressure mat regularly. Here’s everything you need to know about acupressure, and how to get the most out of your acupressure mat! It may look painful or intimidating to lay on, but trust me, it feels amazing and here’s why:

How Does Acupressure Work?

Bed of Nails is a thin mat covered by 100% non-toxic plastic nails. The pressure of 8,820+ rounded nails against the skin triggers the body’s innate way of healing itself, stimulating energy pathways known as meridians. This helps to encourage relaxation on a whole other level, and laying on an acupressure mat will truly take your wellness practice and meditation to the next level!

5 benefits of using an acupressure mat, and how acupressure works to release pain and stress, improve sleep, relieve headaches and calm the mind.

What it feels like to lay on Bed Of Nails:

  • First 10 – 20 seconds: skin feels prickly and tingly
  • 20 – 40 seconds: the body starts to move blood to the area
  • 1-2 minutes: the skin gets warm and feels almost sunburned
  • 2-4 minutes: a tingly warm feeling begins
  • 4-6 minutes: full body restoration begins
  • 10 – 20 minutes: blood is flowing and the body starts to feel deeply relaxed. Muscle tension starts to ease, and you may drift off into sleep
5 benefits of using an acupressure mat, and how acupressure works to release pain and stress, improve sleep, relieve headaches and calm the mind.

Benefits of Using An Acupressure Mat

Acupressure is an ancient tradition and holistic remedy, and today remains the third most popular method for pain and illness relief in the world.

1. Insomnia

If you struggle with insomnia, acupressure can be helpful to calm the mind and slip into a deep sleep. After 10 – 20 minutes of laying on the Bed of Nails, you will begin to feel deeply relaxed. Try laying on your Bed of Nails while reading a book and sipping a cup of herbal tea before bed. This combination will have you drifting off in no time! I bet that you won’t be able to keep your eyes open for more than 30 minutes. It’s ok to fall asleep on the Bed of Nails as well. Sometimes I sleep on mine for 2 – 3 hours before waking up. I then remove the mat and keep on sleeping!

2. Back Pain Relief

Acupressure mats have been proven effective in muscle pain relief and management. Resting on the nails releases pain blockers, such as oxytocin and endorphins, so it’s helpful for chronic back pain, arthritic pain, and tension. I can personally attest to this as I have experienced back pain, muscle tension, spasms etc for a long time. If I strain a muscle or pinch a nerve (something that would normally take a long time to resolve on it’s own, or a trip to my massage therapist) … my bed of nails is the first thing I turn to. Typically, a few 20-30 minute sessions will relieve any tension and have me feeling back to normal.

3. Melt Away Stress

Studies show that lying on a bed of nails activates the nervous system and creates a state of deep relaxation, helping to melt away stress by reducing cortisol levels. This is great news for someone with anxiety, a busy mother trying to wind-down, or a workaholic who can’t shut their thoughts off at night.

4. Headaches & Migraines

For me personally, this has been a huge benefit! I frequently experience headaches – whether it’s from too much time spent on the computer, hormone imbalance, or muscle tension. Occasionally, I experience migraines as well. I have found that the best thing to do is lay down on my bed of nails in a dark room, and diffuse some lavender and peppermint essential oil. Usually I feel much better and the headache will have subsided in 20 minutes.

5. Improve Circulation

Acupressure also helps to improve circulation, and reduce blood pressure. Increased circulation results in improved oxygenation of tissues, and overall improved physical and emotional health!

Like a massage, Bed of Nails may help the body rid itself of toxins, so it is important to drink plenty of water after!

Where To Get Bed of Nails

If you would like to try acupressure, I highly recommend Bed of Nails Eco. This high quality acupressure mat is made from eco-friendly materials such as Linen, Buckwheat Hull, Coconut Fibre, and 100% Recyclable HIPS Plastic. So you can lay on it and rest assured that you are not exposing your body to any toxic chemicals or hormone disruptors. BON is committed to he health of the environment, which is amazing!

You can use my code: BON15JASMINE for 15% off your order at Bed of Nails. This post is not sponsored, but I do receive a small commission for your purchase. I am sharing because I truly love my Bed of Nails, and hope that you benefit from it too!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, and I would love to know – have you ever used an acupressure mat? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would also love to hear your feedback if you decide to try out one of these amazing BON Eco mats.

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5 benefits of using an acupressure mat, and how acupressure works to release pain and stress, improve sleep, relieve headaches and calm the mind.


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