DIY Natural Facial Toner

DIY Facial toner with essential oils

This simple DIY Natural Facial Toner is made with 5 ingredients that are 100% natural and nourishing for your skin!

Since I was very little, it seems that the answer to almost any problem in our house could be solved by witch hazel. A scraped knee, bruises, bug bites, sunburn, acne…. Every time I would come running to mom for help after hurting myself, she would inevitably suggest I “put some witch hazel on it”. If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the Dad uses Windex to solve all issues – it’s like that except with witch hazel. I’m actually surprised we don’t have it in a big spray bottle for easier use. All of this to say, I have been using witch hazel on my face for years (as a toner and/or to treat acne) and I love how well it works to keep my skin clear and healthy. To see my updated Natural Skincare Routine and all my favourite products, head over to this post!

What is it witch hazel?

Witch hazel is a shrub that is native to North America and Asia. The leaves and bark of witch hazel are used to make an astringent liquid cure-all. Due to its antioxidant and astringent properties, witch hazel is great for reducing swelling, infections, insect bites, blisters, and poison ivey. It also fights off bacteria in the pores of your skin, helping to prevent skin cancer, ageing, and promote healthy cell regeneration. To read more about the many wonders and benefits of witch hazel, check out this extensive article with 40 amazing witch hazel uses and benefits!

This simple DIY Natural Facial Toner is made with 5 ingredients that are 100% natural and nourishing for your skin!

When used as a natural remedy for acne, witch hazel can help reduce redness, inflammation, oiliness and speed up the healing process by killing off bacteria.

Skin Supporting Essential Oils

Witch hazel is even more effective when used with tea tree, or other essential oils such as lavender, frankincense and copaiba. Tea tree essential oil has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties, while frankincense helps to promote healthy cell regeneration. Lavender is very soothing for the skin, and is great for reducing scars. Lavender also helps combat excess sebum in the skin, and is therefore very beneficial for treating acne. Copaiba is known for it’s anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Some other essential oils that could be useful for treating acne include bergamot, cedarwood, helichrysum, thyme, patchouli and vetiver – see the Young Living Canada Natural Remedies Guide for more info on these oils.

To see my updated Natural Skincare Routine and all my favourite products, head over to this post!

DIY Facial Toner

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Fill your roller bottle almost to the top with witch hazel, leaving some space for your essential oils. Add 2 drops lavender, 3 drops frankincense, 4 drops tea tree and 1 drop copaiba. You can play around with the ratio of oils, or add more if you feel it is necessary for your skin. Seal with the roller bottle & cap and shake to blend. You can use this roller bottle on your face as a daily toner, and apply to acne or other skin conditions to speed up the healing process!

Quality Essential Oils

Always make sure you’re using the most pure essential oils… After all, anything that goes on your body, should be good enough to go in your body. This is why I choose to use and share Young Living essential oils, over any other oil company – they are the most pure essential oils in the world! Read more about their Seed to Seal quality here.

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I'm Jasmine Laurel. I'm a small town Ontario girl, certified holistic nutritionist and essential oil educator. Obsessed with: wild and green living, freshly made juice, windsurfing, and my puppy dog Cocoa! When you stop by my blog you can expect to see DIY ideas, recipes and tips for living a healthier, green lifestyle.

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  1. Hi! I’ve been wanting to make a facial spray and love this recipe! Do you think it would work as a mist/spray?

    1. Hi Tara! Great idea! As with any toner, you don’t need to wash it off, it will just absorb into your skin! Enjoy!

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